Kamiya Papaya

Favorite spots:

Papayas are thought to be native to Mexico but that’s not the reason why papaya farmer Michael Kamiya is drawn to Don Goyo, a mom-and-pop Mexican eatery in Kaneohe. The little eatery, boasting five or so tables at the most, is big on flavor. Kamiya’s top pick after the requisite chips and fresh salsa? “It’s all good…especially the enchilada.”

Where he likes to eat his papayas: 

Kamiya’s papayas are championed as a Blue Zone menu offering at Big City Diner, which participates in the Blue Zone Project, a community-wide initiative that helps make healthy choices easier. It includes a program that partners with dining establishments to offer more healthy items. Tropical and tasty and high in vitamin C, the fruit alone is a crowd pleaser. But Kamiya shares a sweet inside tip: “It’s good served open-faced with a scoop of coconut sherbet.”


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